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Storage shed

These come in handy to store all kinds of goods, whether it is for dustbins, dangerous products , safe night deliveries, storage sheds provide a clean and well organized area around your business.

The sheds are made of galvanized steel as standard: The combination of zinc and steel allows to extend the life-cycle of our products (corrosion protection). In addition, it is a recyclable material.

The roof and any side panels are made of polycarbonate: This is a plastic that retains almost all its characteristics when recycled. Polycarbonate is transformed into granules and is reused in various processes. (roads, bumpers, plexi plates, etc.)

Optionally, you can opt for:

  • A lacquered structure in a RAL color of your choice.
  • Wall cladding in fully transparent polycarbonate, as transparent as glass. Or even a metallic grid fence for extra safety.
  • Finishing in wood, for this we only use wood certified by the F.S.C. (Forest Stewardship Council) with certificate of sustainable forest management.
View the standard sizes for our sheds, we can also make combinations with bicycle sheds or realize any other custom idea.

Some tips for the correct placement of your storage shed:
  • Make sure the parking facility is located at a reasonable distance from the buildings.
  • Check the available surface taking into account the necessary passage space and the traffic on your car park. Especially for access to any truck deliveries or garbage collection.
  • Should it be possible to close the storage facility, this can be done in different ways?
  • How many containers do you wish to store, provide enough space to smoothly roll containers in and out? Is guidance needed to keep order in the shed?
  • Is the soil of good quality or should a concrete pedestal be provided?
  • identify any restrictions (thresholds, slopes, visibility) consider accessories (signalling).

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