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About us

Easy-Matic, the reference for shelters, founded in 1994 and since then the name for quality and service for all kinds of shelters. Caddy shelters is with which the family company started its activities. It evolved later on with travellers, smokers, storage for dangerous goods and bicycle shelters. With the modular system "made in Belgium" any need for sheltering is possible.

2021, the year of the evolution, Easyrack, known for its quality and service level in shop shelves, bulky shelves and more and more tailormade solutions for shop fittings, takes over the activities from Sysmatic giving it a new drive under the name Easy-matic.

This is for Easyrack the next step in becomming the one-stop-shop for shop installations, combining the colors and accessories of our racks together with your vision offers you the perfect mix to personalize your store and give it a unique look and feel. The layout of your store is in constant evolution. EasyRack is therefore your preferred partner from design to realisation, from a single module concept to the installation of a complete shop, and from now on starting at the parking lot!

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+32 9 310 81 77 / +32 474 89 11 56